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Norman Filter Company has established itself as a premier stainless steel filter supplier to the oil and gas industry. Our products, which can be found worldwide, are supplied to major exploration and production, equipment fabricators, and petrochemical plants. Norman Filters is the trusted name in quality high pressure filtration assemblies. Norman Filter Company is a certified AS9100 Aerospace filter manufacturer who brings quality and tested products to the oil and gas industry.

亿万先生001Norman Filter Company offers a variety of T-Type and Inline configurations to fit in just about any space or design requirement. Our standard filters are available in:

  • Aluminum 
  • Brass
  • 303 stainless
  • 316 stainless steel
  • Duplex steel (2205 Duplex S.S. per ASTM A276)
  • Super Duplex (Super Duplex per ASTM A479)

Norman Filter Company has designed, built, and tested a series of B31.3 / ASME Sec. VII Div. 1 design compliant high pressure assemblies for oil and gas applications requiring a specific design standard. Along with our standard product offering NFC manufactures and supplies T-Type assemblies with Grayloc and flange connection interfaces for offshore platform use.


Exploration & Production

亿万先生001From outer space to subsea, Norman Filter Company is a well known filter manufacturer in the upstream market. ROV's, subsea tieback systems, hydraulic power units, and chemical injection skids are the typical applications you will find Norman Filters. Norman Filters are a trusted brand for offshore oil rigs around the world.


Subsea tieback systems, ROV hydraulics, downhole drilling tools and cooling, blow out preventer actuation, chemical injection units

Filter Series:

4500, 4100, U-115, Cone / Witches Hat, and Flange / Grayloc Hub


Refining, Petrochemical, & Storage
midstream process and storage

Whether off loading methane in the Gulf of Mexico or moving natural gas in Canada, Norman Filter Company supplies filters for unique systems and applications. High pressure, low flow, or coalescing, Norman Filter Company manufactures the premier OEM filter for the Midstream sector of oil and gas.


亿万先生001CNG compressor station pressure reducing skids, instrumentation & electronics, debutanizer columns, methane offloading

Filter Series:

4100, Cone / Witches Hat, and Flange / Grayloc Hub


Distribution & Wholesale

亿万先生001The downstream market is known as the final segment of the oil and gas industry. From last chance filters to your everyday spin-on element, Norman Filter Company has a solution ensuring each and every customer experiences conditioned and clean fluid every time.


Liquid propane gas purification, polymer manufacturing, fuel additive process, fluid sample collection

Filter Series:

Spin-On and 4100


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