Filter Pressure Drops & Flow Calculations

Norman Filter Company can provide application specific pressure loss estimates and flow calculations. Using specific fluid properties relevant to your application, NFC can provide performance estimates to aide in system level design and product selection.

亿万先生001Theoretical pressure drop estimates that are specific to customer applications allow NFC to more accurately size proper filtration systems. This allows for increased confidence in filtration performance and lowers potential cost impacts of selecting incorrect filtration components.

亿万先生001Norman Filter Company can also safely size Oxygen filtration components based on the flow rate allowances defined by the CGA G4.4 Oxygen Safety Code. Maintaining flow velocity within the limits of CGA G4.4 allows for safe operation of oxygen systems, and greatly reduces any impingement issues with oxygen flow.

flow velocity calculation

Norman Filters are compatible with a wide range of fluids and gases. Increased differential pressure will inhibit performance of your system and potentially affect the longevity of your filter elements. To ensure proper filter selection, a pressure drop curve can be calculated to provide you visual assistance in identifying the correct filter for you application's specific needs.

Receive a complimentary Differential Pressure Calculation today by contacting our filter experts亿万先生001 with the following information:

  • Working Fluid
  • System Pressure
  • System Temperature
  • Flow Rate

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