Specialty Gas & Liquid Process Filters

Norman Filter Company's engineering department has extensive experience with unique and challenging filter applications. Norman products can be found in operation from manned space flight applications to sub-sea ocean floor oil & gas exploration. NFC Engineering has experience designing components around extreme working fluids including

  • Acids
  • Liquid oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • High temperature gases and fluids
  • High viscosity fluids

We have provided unique geometry components constrained by limited available space or complicated interface dimensions. Whether it's a challenging working fluid, material, geometry or performance requirement, NFC Engineering has experience delivering quality product that meets and exceeds customer demands.

Specialty Gas & Liquid Process Filter Testing

亿万先生001NFC has designed, machined, welded, cleaned & tested filter housings and elements that have been tested to the most extreme environments. This includes:

  • Space flight hardware vibration & shock loads
  • High speed/high pressure transients
  • Weld nondestructive testing (NDT)
  • Welded Grayloc hubs

NFC works with several outside services including passivation, precision cleaning, annealing, heat treatment all of which have been approved by both NFC’s supplier approval process or customer stipulated approved supplier list.

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